• Underwater photography dive is a popular activity and the way to remember your dives and share them with friends and relatives. There is a large range of options and price points, from waterproof housings for your land camera to completely contained photo and video systems. Let's dive and keep memories.

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  • Emergency First Response training focuses on building confidence in lay rescuers and increasing their willingness to respond when faced with a medical emergency. Course participants learn simple to follow steps for emergency care and practice applying skills in a nonstressful learning environment. In addition, these techniques are required for the PADI...

  • RESCUE DIVER COURSEConsist of 6 technical dives and exercises minimum,Dvd class + Book included and classesDuration: 5 days approx or more depending on you and the instructor Book your course now! Contact us now !

  • PADI ADVANCE DIVER course (30mts) Consist oF 5 Dives including book Duration: 3 days minBook your Padi Advance diver course now! Contact us now !

  • The Padi Open Water Diver course is the most popular scuba diving programme in the world. The Padi Open Water Diver course leads to two possible certification : PADI SCUBA DiVER and PADI Open Water Diver.

  • If you are short of Time then the SCUBA DIVER COURSE (12mt) can be done within 3 sessions: 1 confined and 2 Open Water Dives If you do Online studies for the course, then you will not need to take the book from us, you will have a reduced price. You will need to print or send us by mail the result feedback you get from PADI after your exam online. Book...

  • CMAS LEVEL 2 STARS (40mt)Diver must already have a minimum of 15 dives registered in his logbook.Can start as from 16 years old. Medical certificate is compulsory to begin.This course includes 10 dives minimum and can be completed within 5 days.Exam at the end of course. Book your course now! Contact us now !

  • Scuba Diving Training + 6 dives CMAS Level 1 : This diving course is a theoretical and practical course designed to teach you the basics of scuba diving and will allow you to be recognized as a true diver all over the world.

  • SAFARI (reserved on Sundays)This excursion, is excluded from the weekly package dives prices. We have access to dive spots in the south west where we can see some white tip sharks..  Book your safari now! Contact us now !

  • Training + 4 dives for 10 years old Children Book your dive now! Contact us now !

  • Refresher training in the lagoon (required for qualified divers who did not dive for over a year and those who have not a logbook to prove recent dive logged) We always take small groups of 4 divers per dive guide/Instructor! All our dive sites are only a max of +/- 10 mins away from the dive beach.. we have a fast boat..Book your dive now! Contact us now !

  • NIGHT DIVE (reserved for at least level 1 certified divers) Depends on weather on sea conditions we plan on Fridays or sometimes other day during the week on divers’ availability , around 6pm the meeting time or earlier in winter (sunset time), night dive is excluded price from daily package. Minimum of 4 divers required to go for it. Book your Night dive...

  • Qualified Divers (holding any International dive certification card and logbook)Our Dive prices include all equipment, and boat trip to the dive site (10 mins maxi)This package start with 10 divesYou can take a package then share between 2 certified divers for exploration/fun dives only, however the MSDA federal form is individual once valid 2 month. Book...

  • Qualified Divers (holding any International dive certification card and logbook) Our Dive prices include all equipment, and boat trip to the dive site (10 mins maxi) Book your dive now! Contact us now !

  • This 3 hours package includes the training session in the lagoon, the boat dive and equipment provided. Book your dive now! Contact us now !

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Ticabo Diving Centre

Come and dive with us whether for fun or diving courses, Safari or others activities. We are here from 8.00 Monday to Sunday at our diving centre in Flic en Flac for all your underwater activities , diving , day or night to CMAS or Padi training or other activities such as Safari, the exploirations and others.

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Discover our Diving Site in Flic en Flac

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