• Suba Diving Equipment :
    • One of the Ticabo Team diver professional will explain all the equiment you will be using during your dive and help you put it on and adjust it
    • Defog your mask so it doesn't cloud up underwater
    • Adjust all equipment straps for proper fit.

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Scuba diving equipment allows you to visit the underwater world by making it possible to breathe, see and move comfortably while below the surface. Gear helps you change from being a land-dweller to somewhat of an aquatic being 

Scuba Diving Mask
     A scuba mask is necessary to have a clear view underwater. They provide an air-filled space which human eyes need to focus properly. 

Scuba diving  Fins : ( Palmes)
     Fins are necessary tools to make swimming under water easy and efficient. Without them fully equipped divers would not be able to move forward.         

     A snorkel allows to breathe safely while swimming on the surface. Divers can use the snorkel while waiting on the surface, to save the air of their scuba tank.      
     A regulator is the device that enables a diver to breathe underwater. It provides the air supply from the tank.        
     Buoyancy Control Device is the jacket that scuba divers wear to control their buoyancy and to carry their tank.      
Diving suit
     A diving suit is needed as thermal protection for divers, depending on the water temperature they are used as wet suit, semi-dry or dry suit.     

Weight System
     Divers have to wear a weight system while diving to offset their positive buoyancy.     

     A tank, also called scuba cylinder is the piece of equipment in which the diver carries his air supply.     

Dive Computer
     A dive computer is a digital device which tracks the dive time and the depth. Its integrated software (decompression model) automatically calculates the no decompression limits or deco stops if necessary.     

     Neoprene boots are used to keep the feet warm while diving in cold water and to protect against wounding for example when entering the water  for a shore dive.     
Depth gauge
     A depth gauge shows the current depth while diving. It is an obligatory piece of equipment to ensure a proper dive profile.    

Pressure gauge
     The pressure gauge shows how much air is in the scuba tank. It is absolutely necessary to be aware of the actual air supply in order to plan the dive safely.     
Diving watch
     A diving watch is used for tracking the time of a dive.     
     An underwater compass is a navigation tool for scuba divers.     

Dive knife
     Dive knifes are not used as weapons but as safety tools in case of tangling under water.     

Dive Light
     Dive lights are needed for all dives which require illumination as there are night dives or cave and wreck dives. They compensate the absorption of light underwater and allow the divers to recognize the original colors of the marine life.     
Dive Logbook
A dive logbook is useful for keeping track of the weights you need for particular dives, keeping track of equipment needs and notes, and recording milestones (in case someone will need proof).